APLiving Membership Community



You've signed up, so now I'm going to tell you how to make the most of your membership! I provide you with 7-day week-long menus for those who need things completely planned out for them. Meal prep can easily be done 1-2 times per week + I even give you a grocery list to print out. 

You can also choose individual recipes + plan your own week- I give you the individual grocery lists per recipe too, so copy + paste those into a doc for a compilation of your grocery needs.

Workouts are listed by fitness category + I even posted a recommend weekly schedule of how to get in your strength training + fat-burning cardio day-to-day. Schedule them in your calendar ahead of time + make it a priority! There are both video demos + PDF print-outs for you to view.

On top of all of these tools, I will keep new content coming on the blog as well as providing you with educational documents for even more health + wellness tips!

DON'T FORGET to utilize + schedule your phone consults with me twice a month! Schedule them online anytime.